Water Lines at The Studio Gallery

Water Lines exhibition invite

Water Lines celebrates the many different aspects of water, filtered through a variety of influences and interpretations. The artworks, comprising a range of media (painting, printmaking, drawing and textiles), are intended to provoke thought but, most of all, to inspire.

The Studio Gallery 2013

Ebb and Flow exhibition

Opening Saturday 15 Nov, this exhibition by artists Helen Mortimer, Amanda Donohue, Annette Abolins and Diane Eklund-Āboliņš, seeks to give a visual voice to change and displacement. The artworks reflect both the metaphorical and the literal significance of ebb and flow.

May 2012 at The Lock-up

Enter the foyer of Lock-Up Cultural Centre, and you are met with history (literally) carved into the walls, complimented with photographs and stories about the people who once filled the cells. To the right of the foyer is the John Paynter Gallery – where our exhibition Being Human has just opened.