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Five Colours Blue

Five Colours Blue - exhibition invite

The Art House, Wyong – 2019

This exhibition, Five Colours Blue, investigates blue, both as a colour and as a concept. Visually, the word blue conjures up images from the natural world: sky, sea, mountains… while on an abstract level, blue associates and connects with mood, music, and emotions.

As in a Mirror

The Art House, Wyong – 2018

The artworks in this exhibition examine the idea that between the reality of a thing and our perception of it, there is always distortion. All impressions, visual and otherwise, are filtered through the mirror of our experience, our individuality and our psyche.

Water Lines II

Water Lines exhibition invite Newcastle

CStudios, Newcastle – 2016

Continuing the theme of water, this exhibition exhibition investigates water from many different perspectives and looks at water not only as a dimension – in, on and under – but also at its crucial situation in today’s world.

Water Lines

The Studio Gallery, Gosford Regional Gallery – 2015Water Lines exhibition

Celebrating the many different aspects of water, filtered through a variety of influences and interpretations. The artworks, comprising a range of media, are intended to provoke thought but, most of all, to inspire…

Ebb and Flow

The Studio Gallery, Gosford Regional Gallery – 2013Ebb and Flow exhibition 2014

Reflecting both the metaphorical and the literal significance of ebb and flow,
be it in the movement of the tides or in the fluctuation of life itself, the works in this exhibition seek to give a visual voice to change and displacement …

Being Human

The Lock-Up Cultural Centre, John Paynter Gallery – 2012Being Human exhibition 2013

Through print-making, textiles, traditional and digital painting – this exhibition captures the essence of being human from the perspective of mood (melancholy, joy, anxiety, pleasure, pain…), which is an intrinsic part of every human being …

Music From a Farther Room

Gosford Regional Gallery – 2009Music from a Farther Room - exhibition 2009

A group exhibition, which evolved over a two-year period in conjunction with Gosford Regional Gallery. Our Exhibition investigates many different perspectives of ageing and the relationship between youth and age …