The Art House, Wyong
3rd – 31st March 2022

Diane Eklund-Āboliņš, Annette Abolins, Helen Mortimer & Amanda Donohue

Our exhibition Dreams attempts to capture memories of some of those illusory images, or dreams, that fill our nights and even our days. Whether these dreams take the form of wishes as we blow dandelion seeds into the air, whether they allow us to briefly escape reality, or whether they grant us a few moments of quiet contemplation, they are always fluid, avoiding fixed interpretation. In the same way, our artworks are intended to inspire without any kind of boundaries or expectations.

From the Artists

Diane: The abstract quality of dreams is basic to the way I normally work creatively. Images become layered upon images, creating new, unexpected likenesses and ideas. The interpretation is always fluid; nothing is fixed.

Amanda: My works explore the simple act of grabbing a dandelion seed head, closing your eyes and making a wish by blowing the seeds into the air. What we dream for changes as we age but are our dreams realistic or even what we really want? What are we prepared to give to make our dreams come true?

Annette: Dreams may be wild, confronting and surreal, yet they also provide delightful escape from reality, filled with endless possibilities, insights and imagination. My paintings follow the dreamer’s journey across visual landscapes; seeking to capture moments within dreams that can inspire and re-shape the waking mind.

Helen: Dreams are a part of our lives. Whether they occur when we are asleep or during the day, they are abstract but meaningful. Day dreams, quiet restful contemplation, or dreams about our future goals, hopes and expectations are important to us all.