We are a group of artists on the Central Coast and in Newcastle. As artists, we have our own voice and choice of mediums – as a group we are able to bring these voices together as different interpretations of the same theme. This website documents our exhibitions and provides bio information about each artist.

In 2007, we formed part of a group exhibition project instigated by Gosford Regional Gallery. The resulting exhibition: Music From a Farther Room was shown at the Gosford Regional Gallery in September 2009. In the 2 years it took to produce work and collaborate we found that we quite enjoyed each others company and we have continued to meet, exchange ideas, and create work for a number of exhibitions.

Dreams exhibition inviteUpcoming Exhibition: DREAMS

The Art House, Wyong – March 3 – 31, 2022
Our exhibition Dreams attempts to capture memories of some of those illusory images, or dreams, that fill our nights and even our days. Whether these dreams take the form of wishes as we blow dandelion seeds into the air, whether they allow us to briefly escape reality, or whether they grant us a few moments of quiet contemplation, they are always fluid, avoiding fixed interpretation. In the same way, our artworks are intended to inspire without any kind of boundaries or expectations.

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