Water Lines

Water Lines Part II
The Studio Gallery, Gosford Regional Gallery
17th – 23rd December 2015

Signe Eklund, Diane Eklund-Āboliņš, Annette Abolins, Helen Mortimer & Amanda Donohue

Water Lines celebrates the many different aspects of water, filtered through a variety of influences and interpretations. The artworks, comprising a range of media (painting, printmaking, drawing and textiles), are intended to provoke thought but, most of all, to inspire.

The Exhibition (The Studio Gallery, Gosford)

Below are a few photos from the gallery – some taken after we finished hanging on Thursday, and a few from the opening day. It was nice to see so many people turn up for the afternoon opening. A big thank you to Tom for doing a wonderful job at the bar, serving refreshments and other goodies with a smile.

While the exhibition was on we had over 300 visitors through the door; many heart-warming compliments and quite a few sales.


Waterlines - welcome to the exhibition
Welcome to Water Lines


Exhibition opening at the Studio Gallery
Water Lines – the exhibition opening


Saturday afternoon at the Studio Gallery
Water Lines exhibition opening


Water Lines Exhibition
Artworks by Diane, Amanda & Signe


Artworks by Amanda & Diane
Water Lines – works by Amanda, Diane & Annette


Artworks by Annette and Helen
Artworks by Annette & Helen


Ink Drawings by Annette
Ink drawings by Annette


Oil paintings by Helen
Oil paintings by Helen


Artworks by Amanda
Water Lines works by Amanda


Artworks by Diane
Water Lines – works by Diane


Artworks by Signe
Water Lines – works by Signe